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Good Sam State/Provincial Director Program Next Steps
Frequently Asked Questions
May 20, 2022

Below are various questions/answers to assist in the sunsetting of the Good Sam State/Provincial Director program. Some answers are listed as “your decision”. Each situation may be different and we trust you and your fellow members to make the best decision for your individual state/province.
State/Provincial Directors

Q: What does the Good Sam State/Provincial Directors program will “sunset” as of December 31, 2022 mean?
A: The program will no longer be governed by the Good Sam International Headquarters.
Q: What happens to the state/provincial officers?
A: Your decision. The group will no longer be directed by the Good Sam International Headquarters.
Q: Do I have to turn in my Good Sam branded clothing?
A: No.
Q: What new programs are being created to provide a broader level of engagement for more of the Good Sam membership base as stated on the April 20, 2022, call?
A: We are currently working on multiple new programs. Once details are finalized, we will provide more information.
Q: When will my memberships expire?
A: All Directors have been upgraded to a Good Sam Lifetime Membership. There is no expiration date for Lifetime Memberships. All other memberships including Good Sam Platinum Roadside Assistance, TravelAssist, Coast to Coast and RV Magazine have been extended through 2025.
Q: When will my crewmember discount expire?
A: 2025
Q: Will the Directors’ website continue to be in operation?
A: No, the site will come down at the end of 2022.

Q: Why did Good Sam make the decision not to be affiliated with chapters?
A: The decision was made to sunset the Good Sam State/Provincial Directors Program to eliminate the bureaucracy; allowing all our members to be outdoors camping and enjoying themselves. The
Chapters may remain in existence and use the Good Sam name.
Q: Do the chapters have to be “de-chartered”?
A: No
Q: Can we continue to maintain our chapters and have campouts?
A: Yes
Q: Can we still conduct our elections and be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws?
A: Your decision
Q: Am I allowed to promote our chapters at Camping World locations?
A: Yes. Each individual Camping World location will make the decision to promote.
Q: What should we do with our treasury and state/provincial assets that we have collected over the years?
A: Your decision
Logo/Name Usage

Q: Can our Chapters continue using the Good Sam name and logo?
A: Yes. Subject to Brand Guidelines that will be coming in the next 30-60 days.
Q: Can we continue to use the Good Sam name and logo on our name tags, patches, apparel, etc.?
A: Yes
Q: What do we do with the Good Sam branded merchandise that we have already purchased and is in our state stores?
A: You may continue to sell your Good Sam branded merchandise.
Q: Will we be able to purchase apparel with the new Good Sam logo on it?
A: Good Sam International Headquarters will not be producing any apparel for purchase. If you would like to purchase apparel on your own and include, the Good Sam logo, we will provide the logo upon
request. If the logo is used incorrectly, we will address on an individual basis.

Q: Can we still have yearly rallies/events?
A: Yes
Q: Can we continue asking Camping World to attend our yearly rallies/events?
A: Yes. Each individual Camping World location will make the decision to attend.
Q: Will Good Sam continue to support our rallies/events financially?
A: Yes, by providing merchandise certificates as door prizes. The number of merchandise certificates will be based on prior year rig count. Please email your request to
Q: Will you continue to promote our rallies/events online?
A: Yes, please send your information to a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the event.
Q: Can we reach out to Good Sam Campgrounds to schedule rallies/events?
A: Yes
Q: Will we be able to receive Liability Insurance for our rallies/events through Good Sam? And if so, for how long?
A: Good Sam will provide insurance through December 31, 2022. Beginning in 2023, if a venue requires insurance, you will need to secure it on your own.

Q: Is Good Sam going away?
A: No. We are working on growing all aspects of the Good Sam businesses from Membership, Roadside Assistance, Travel Assist, Extended Warranty, Insurance, Good Sam Parks, RV Rentals, etc. We are working to improve value and increase engagement to the entire Good Sam Membership base.
Q: What happens to the individuals who are attending various rallies/events to obtain a century patch and/or the flowers?
A: Your decision, the Good Sam International Headquarters has not been involved.
Q: Will the store sales of Good Sam branded merchandise proceeds still go the states? And for how long?
A: No. We are transitioning out of the current product. Checks for the final payment will be mailed in late May 2022.
Q: In the future, will each state receive money when an individual joins Good Sam?
A: No
Q: Will we be able to email
A: Yes, the email box will remain active.
Q: We have developed awards recognizing campgrounds in our state. May we continue with this?
A: Yes
Q: What do we do with our newsletter?
A: Your decision
Q: What are the legal steps for dissolving a 401C?
A: You should consult your local Tax Advisor. It is your decision whether you want to dissolve.
Q: How long will we need to keep the records from the state/provincial side?
A: You should consult your local Tax Advisor.
Q: On the GS website, will there still be the GSM (website program) that has the MEMBERSHIP drop down menu page with the RV Community drop down menu listing the Community, Events & RV Shows,
Blog, Chapters, Forum? Will it be changed and to what extent and how long will it exist? Will the state map that links to the state’s websites continue?
A: Yes, promotion on the website is based on traffic counts. If there is significant activity to individual pages, those pages will remain on the site.
Q: What do we do with our website?
A: Your decision
Q: One of the things that we have enjoyed over the years is working with philanthropy efforts. Will Good Sam spotlight some of our local charities and good works?
A: Yes, We LOVE to feature photos, stories and more about how you and your chapters are doing good in the local community through social media. Please send any information to