Allegan Rally - July 13~16, 2017 
Christmas in July
Honoring our Military.
Puzzle Time.
Christmas in July all staged.
Starting the arrivals.
Checking the register.
Holding down the fort.
And the sign says...
Chat time.
Getting ready for Bingo.
Sam's Store.
Vendor getting ready.
You never saw a Christmas Tree wearing a hat?
You see my husband?
Trivia anyone?
Setting up Santa.
Welcome to Christmas in July.
Post-registration relaxing.
Motorhome Row.
... where the buffalo roam.
Next year, I'm going power jacks!
Lake Allegan... it rained quite a bit.
Any size RV is welcome.
Have you seen my chapter?
Where did all of these people come from???
RVs as far as the eye can see...
Hey snowman... you are melting. It is July afterall.
How about a ho'down.
Meeting of the brain trust (President's meeting).
I want that one...
Where did this monkey on my back  come from?
Santa is in the building.
Have a rootijn' tootin' time Dave.
Guest Singer Wanda Murray.
Nice hat Dave.
It was this big!
I got a monkey on my back, and a target on my ...
And they danced the night away.
Life is great!
Oh what we go through to be on staff.
This looks like a good spot.
Get up and dance.
All together now.
Boogie down.
Did you hear the story about...
A little salsa...
Shakey, shakey.
I can't see with these sunglasses on.
Just like Texas.
State Staff.
Chapter 99
Alzheimer's Charity.
Good Sam is all about good causes.
Another Alzheimer's Charity.
Bean bag baseball... a favorite.
Going, going, gone?