Harrison Rally - Sep 14~17, 2017 
Good Sam Prom
Harrison Rally was held at Clare County Fairgrounds
The theme for the rally was "Good Sam Prom".
Can you almost smell the flower?
Boogie down!!!
Guess the photo... (no one got 100%)
To the moon and back...
Is this a Bingo?
Paul Love... at your service.
It's kind of banged up, but it still has a couple good "honks" left.
Remember our KIA/MIA
Callin' Bingo
Playin' Bingo.
Spin and win...
At the check in.
Gifts for everyone.
Thanks to International RV World for their participation in the event.
I can make toilet paper levitate...
Hole in one?
They call me "Dead Eye"
Snowman Decorating Class
And the guitar gently weeps...
Coyote Creek Band entertainment.
A little line dancing...
All that footwork.
did we say food?
At your service.
Win this stuff.
Bean-Bag Baseball... always a favorite.
Michigan State Police seminar on towing... very informative.
Ahh... right there.
A look back.
At the Lions Club...
A great dinner.
Chapter Parade of Flags.
Gloria Lynn.
Dancing with the music.
Bald is beautiful.
A man and his dog.
Helping Paws Seminar... helping our Veterans.
Root beer on ice... nice.
Cake Walk Winner!
I'll have a root beer float please.
I can take your picture too!
2017 King and Queen Tea
Past and present Kings and Queens.
Cookin the hot dogs.
Costume Contest.
Time for the hot dog roast.
People Mover on the move.
Director Dapper at your service.
Jagwire Band Entertainment
It just keeps getting better and better.