Form to request publication of information on the Michigan Good Sam Benevolence webpage.
Please use this form to request publication of events in the benevolence section. For privacy issues, we will not publish addresses or phone numbers. We will,however, add you as a point of contact for anyone wishing to obtain such information so that they can send a card or for other actions.

If you desire us to add you as a point of contact, it will be done via a hidden link to your email address. That way, your email address will not be published on this website - also maintaining your privacy.

We will automatically add your contact information unless you opt-out by specifying in the message that you do not want to be contacted.  Your request is confirmation that you agree with all disclaimers on this website, and is equivalent to signing a release form.

Since we understand this information is often timely, we will attempt to post the information as soon as possible - normally within 3 days of request; however circumstances beyond our control could delay that timeframe.

Note that your phone number is optional and will not be included in your contact information.